Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans beautify your home and keep it cool and comfortable. But you need a competent electrician to install them safely and correctly. If you need ceiling fan installation anywhere in Tulsa, contact MISSION ELECTRIC on 918-407-1333 or schedule your installation online now.

Our professional technicians will install your ceiling fan for you without any hassles. Don’t take dangerous risks and try to install your ceiling fan by yourself. You could fall off a ladder and break a limb. Instead, call a licensed professional with the training and insurance cover to install your ceiling fan.

Our installations are not expensive. Call MISSION ELECTRIC in Tulsa, OK anytime you need a ceiling fan installer.

Benefits and Uses of Ceiling Fans

Installing a durable ceiling fan will add value to your home and office. From beautification to comfort and energy savings, the list of benefits goes on:

Energy Efficiency

You can cut your energy expenses in both winter and summer with a ceiling fan. In winter, reduce the heat by a few degrees or increase it slightly in summer. Then use your ceiling fan to boost air circulation. You get cooler air in summer and warmer air in winter.

Comfort Within and Outside the Home

Ceiling fans improve comfort indoors or outside the home. Within the home, they move the air around and give you a better cooling or heating effect. Fans also help you to enjoy better air circulation and comfort in your patio.


Fans can make your home look more attractive. They come in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. Apart from the lighting elements added to some fans, the stylish designs also add a touch of elegance to your room.

Ceiling Fan and Lighting Installation

We offer ceiling fan installations with attractive lighting fixtures. The combination helps to use your space well. Our electricians can help you upgrade your existing fans by adding colorful lights to them.

How to Choose the Best Fan for Each Room

It’s great to install a new ceiling fan at home. But you need to make sure it is the right size and capacity for your space.

Don’t just choose a fan that looks great, makes sure it will provide the comfort you want. The two main features to consider are:

  1. The size of your room
  2. The length of the fan

Use a small fan in a small room and a large fan in a large space.

Typically, a room that’s 80 square feet will need a fan with 30-inch blade. A 42-inch fan will fit a bigger room of about 144 square feet. For a really large space of 300 square feet, use a 52-inch fan.

Ceiling Fan Repairs

We don’t install brand new fans alone, we also repair existing fans. So if you don’t want to upgrade or replace your fans, we can help you service and maintain them. Our seasoned electricians will help you to inspect, repair and service your ceiling fans. We are able to repair most fan problems including power issues, squeaky noises and some motor issues.

Call a Certified Electrician for Your Ceiling Fan Installation

A certified electrician is your best choice when you want to install ceiling fans. Our electricians will check your electrical system carefully before installing your fan. So your fan will have adequate power supply. It will also have the right voltage for efficient operation. And you will not experience any power surge or electric shock after installation.

Your Ceiling Fan Installation Electricians in Tulsa

When you need ceiling fan installation, choose one that is:

  1. Certified, insured, licensed and bonded
  2. Reputable, reliable and offers fast and efficient service
  3. Well trained, up-to-date and highly skilled

Our professional electricians at MISSION ELECTRIC have all these qualities and they can help you choose and install the right ceiling fan for your home or office in Tulsa. Give us a call now at 918-407-1333 or contact us and schedule your installation today.

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