Electrical Safety Inspection

Keeping Your Tulsa Home Safe from Electrical Problems

Do you need an electrical safety inspection for your new home? Are you planning to do some major renovations in your present home? Or are you concerned about the safety of your home and you want a professional electrician to check it up.

MISSION ELECTRIC provides the most detailed electrical inspection plan for all residential and commercial buildings in Tulsa, OK. Call 914-407-1333 and let our licensed electricians to do a full inspection and reveal all hidden and obvious electric hazards.

Which Areas of Your Home Do We Inspect?

Electric Panel

Your circuit breaker panel distributes electricity to various parts of your home. It must be in top working condition always. Faulty circuit breakers, loose wires or hot spots can lead to an electrical fire. We care a lot about your safety so we will do our best to make sure your breaker box is working perfectly. We recommend that you have at least one major inspection of this component every year.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

Smoke and dangerous gas detectors can save your life when they are well maintained. But a faulty poisonous gas detector is a mere decoration if it is faulty. That’s why we help you to inspect this device. During the inspection, we test the batteries and make sure the device will protect you and your family.

Arc-Fault Protection

An arc-fault can heat up your wires and melt the insulation around them.  When plugs are slightly loose, it may lead to arching. And this may cause an electrical fire outbreak.

Arching is a real safety hazard, but most times it’s a hidden danger. Arching may not cause your circuit breaker to trip off. But it could disrupt the current and start a fire. At MISSION ELECTRIC, we are committed to preventing fires caused by arching. We can help you prevent an arc-fault by installing a high quality arc-fault circuit interrupter (AFCI).

After installing an AFCI, you should get it tested every month. Then include it in your annual inspection routine. Our electricians always inspect this device during our clients’ routine annual electrical inspections.

GFCI Outlets

GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. It protects you from receiving an electric shock anywhere there’s water. GFCI outlets work best in bathrooms, on kitchen counters and pool areas. You need to test these device monthly and get them inspected once a year by a professional.

Tamper-Proof Outlets

Tamper-proof outlets protect kids and even adults. But if you have little kids, you have to make sure your home is baby-proofed. If you call us now, we can inspect all your outlets and help you find those that we need to upgrade to  prevent your toddlers from getting injured.

Back-stab Connections

Some electricians cut corners by setting up back-stab connections. These sub-standard connections may save the electrician cost while installing power outlets and switches. But they increase the risk of electrical fires as they tend to overheat. Our certified electricians will help to detect and repair any of these connections.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

We can help you cut down your energy bills. Just allow us to inspect your interior and outdoor lighting. We’ll recommend the best LED lighting fixtures for your home that use 80 percent less energy than other bulbs. That’s why our inspection fee is an investment and not a cost. Our inspection and LED light installation will keep giving you energy cost savings month after month.

Lightning and Surge Protection

Do you want your home to withstand a lighting strike or power overload? Your answer is most likely YES! Then call us now to inspect your surge and lightning protection device. If you don’t have one installed, we can help you to do that too. In Tulsa, you need to have lightning protection due to our weather. Contact MISSION ELECTRIC now and make sure that lightning or surge does not destroy your property.

Standby Generator Inspections

Generators are only great when they respond instantly during emergencies. But a poorly maintained generator is not a reliable backup. So why don’t you call us now to help you start a reliable maintenance plan that will keep your generator in top shape always.

We offer both one-off maintenance service and a continuous plan that gives 24/7 reliability. Let your generator be ready to back you up, call us for an all-season MISSION ELECTRIC generator maintenance plan today.

Complete Electrical System Inspections for Tulsa Homes and Businesses

We have certified and licensed electricians who will review your entire electrical system. MISSION ELECTRIC has talented and specially trained electricians who can carry out a reliable electrical inspection for your home or office. Call us now to inspect these parts of your electrical system:

* Indoor lighting

* Outdoor lighting

* Wet area outlets

* Wiring

* Electrical circuit breaking panel

* AFCI outlet

We also inspect surge and lighting protectors, cords and plugs.

Electrical Home Safety Inspections in Tulsa

MISSION ELECTRIC electricians can deliver a full electrical inspection report when you are:

* Buying a new house

* Doing a yearly home inspection

* Adding new appliances to your home

Join the company of smart homeowners who hire MISSION ELECTRIC to do an annual inspection and keep their homes safe from electrical fires. Contact us now by calling 918-407-1333 or schedule your electrical inspection online.

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