Electrical Wiring and Home Rewiring Services

If a recent home inspection revealed that you need rewiring services, we have you covered. When you notice a need for an upgrade in your electrical system or you have higher power needs, we can remodel and rewire your home.

Do you need wiring for new additions to your home? MISSION ELECTRIC has licensed technicians in Tulsa to take care of any electrical upgrade you want. We provide excellent electric wiring services to residents of Tulsa Oklahoma. Call us now on 918-407-1333 to schedule an electrical wiring needs assessment.

What Are the Signs Your Home Needs Rewiring?

Electrical wires don’t last forever. So older homes will need to have their wires replaced. Some contractors also used inferior materials during installation to save cost. So if you see the following signs, a serious electrical hazard is in your home. And you may need to replace all electric wires. 

1. Circuit breakers trip off often

Circuit breakers protect your home by tripping off when wires get very hot. An old home is not equipped to handle the power draw from modern electrical appliances. So your breaker could start tripping frequently. This is a sign that you should upgrade your home’s electrical wiring. 

2. Electrical outlets are damaged by lightning or power surge 

Do you have burnt or charred switches and power outlets? This could mean that repeated power surges or bad wiring is causing fires in your electrical system. This must be fixed quickly to prevent a serious outbreak of fire in the whole house. 

3. Lights go dim or flicker while using an appliance 

This is a common sign that your wiring can’t handle the power rating of your equipment. The wiring was not originally designed to cope with all the devices and appliances you use now. 

4. You receive a shock when you switch on appliances or electronic gadgets 

An electric shock is never a good thing. Having frequent electrical shocks shows that there are hidden electrical hazards in your home. You must act fast to prevent more serious damage. 

5. Your home has aluminum wiring

If you discover AL is on your wiring jacket, you need to replace your electrical wiring. AL stands for aluminum. This means your home has aluminum wiring, which was banned in the 70s because it caused many electrical fires.

Here Are Some Other Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Home Wiring

  1. Your circuits are constantly overloaded
  2. Your fuse box is out-of-date
  3. Wear, water infiltration and pests have damaged your wiring
  4. You have outdated knob and tube wiring

Call MISSION ELECTRIC at 918-407-1333 if any of these electrical problems affects your home. You can also schedule your appointment online. Don’t keep waiting. If you delay this call, you’ll increase the possibility of a fire outbreak.

At MISSION ELECTRIC, we have electricians that will help you locate the cause of any electrical issue. Then we’ll show you how to solve the problem fast. If you need to rewire part or all of your home, we’ll handle it for you.

Advantages of Rewiring Your Home 

You have a lot to gain from upgrading your electrical system. Rewiring your home will resolve and prevent many issues raised earlier. In summary, here are the main benefits of home rewiring:

  1. You enjoy a safer home environment.
  2. You can use all the appliances you want
  3. The new wiring can handle any expansion or remodelling
  4. Your home’s resale value increases

Electric Wiring Installation and Replacement Services in Tulsa, OK

When you need to upgrade your electrical wiring, hire a licensed electrician based in Tulsa, OK. We are licensed to provide rewiring services that comply with all building codes and safety regulations in Tulsa.

Call us now at 918-407-1333 for a professional home electrical inspection. Our specially trained electricians will check every part of your electrical system. Then we’ll let you know if you need do a partial or complete home rewiring.

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