Ceiling Fan Installation Services – Tulsa Electrician

The popularity of the open room concept design finds many new homeowners dealing with heating and cooling inconsistencies due to the high ceilings and spacious living areas. To improve air circulation and help the HVAC system control the climate more efficiently, homeowners opt for professional Ceiling fan installations that complement their interior design. These fans help create a more intimate atmosphere while also helping to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature.

An Established Team of Skilled Electricians in Tulsa

Providing Tulsa, OK, and the surrounding area, Mission Electric is readily available to tackle any household electrical issues, modifications, and installations. Covering everything from Ceiling fan installation to whole-house surge protection, this licensed and certified team brings up to the minute skill set and years of experience to each project. The company strives to provide customers with the best service possible and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all work to ensure that each homeowner gets what they desire and nothing less.

A Professional Installation Eliminates Accidental Issues

Homeowners with some DIY experience often think that installing a ceiling fan is a simple project. In reality, several factors need to be carefully attended to so that no electrical or structural problems occur. To ensure there are no mishaps, homeowners can rely on the team at Mission Electric to provide skilled Ceiling fan installation services in Tulsa, OK to both residential and commercial property owners.

Don’t Risk Personal Safety Over Installation Costs

Two of the most dangerous aspects of ceiling fan installation involve electrical hookup and working overhead while standing on a ladder. An electrician has no problem safely performing these tasks due to intensive training and certified craftsmanship. Arriving on-site with the proper ladders or scaffolding, these experts will securely disconnect the power, install bracing in the ceiling to support the fan, and make all electrical and structural connections to the fixture, all without taking any dangerous shortcuts or putting themselves in a precarious position. To finish up, the electrician will confirm that everything operates flawlessly and clean up any mess that the project created before leaving.

Fan Placement is a Key Factor in Proper Air Circulation

Installing ceiling fans is also common in older homes with standard 10-foot ceilings since they are not always the most energy-efficient structures. In these homes, the fan must be hung in the best position and height to provide an optimal amount of airflow. Tulsa, OK electricians will assess each room to pinpoint the ideal fan position as well as how low to hang it. A fan hung too high may produce airflow that doesn’t spread as far as the homeowner desires while one that is too low becomes a potential hazard to people walking under it.

Homeowners Can Depend on Honest Evaluations

Like any fixture, ceiling fans begin to show age and may start to malfunction if they aren’t maintained. Fortunately, the team at Mission can easily make repairs to improve the poor performance or change out the existing fixtures if the homeowner wants to fresh. Of course, repairs may not yield much improvement or even make a difference, in which case the electrician will inform the homeowner of the situation rather than lead them on.

Add Energy Efficient Lighting to Further Improve Household Ambiance

In addition to ceiling fans, Mission Electric can also install energy-saving LED lighting in ceilings and walls. Homeowners who want to cut their electric bills will find that replacing incandescent fixtures with LED-specific versions will lower costs since the bulbs use 50% less electricity and do not release excess heat. LED bulbs efficiently convert energy into the light without putting high demands on the power source. This allows the bulbs to stay cool to the touch and not emit excess heat, which would drive up the indoor temperature, a major problem with incandescent bulbs that release 90% of their energy as heat.

Taking the Guesswork Out of LED Selection

Mission’s team can visit a home to examine the existing lighting and determine the best ways to replace or remodel the fixtures. Their extensive knowledge in the LED field will help them determine which lighting style will work best and where placement will be most beneficial. Homeowners can rely on these Electrician services in Tulsa, OK to select the most dynamic and attractive fixtures that still fit within their established budget while providing the best lighting possible.

Upgrade Without Paying Excessive Fees

The installation of both ceiling fans and LED lighting will improve the value of a home while providing energy savings. Finding fixtures that complement the interior design also helps beautify rooms and create an entirely new atmosphere. Homeowners looking for a cost-effective way to make quick improvements can depend on Mission Electric to install these fixtures for an affordable rate.