Electric Panel Replacement Services in Tulsa, OK

The electric panel plays an important role in supplying electricity to the house and protecting the electrical system. Also known as a circuit breaker, the electric panel interrupts electricity after detecting a fault in the electrical system, such as ground fault, circuit overload, or short circuit. The panel has circuits that carry electricity to lights, outlets, and appliances in the house. The number and size of circuits in a panel are based on the electrical needs of a home.

A faulty electric panel puts your home in Tulsa at risk of fire hazards. Panels have an extensive lifespan, but they don’t last forever. It’s wise to hire electrician services in Tulsa, OK, for regular maintenance to keep the electrical appliance in working condition. Our electricians at Mission Electric understand the importance of a fully functional electric panel, so we commit to providing professional replacement services throughout Tulsa and the surrounding areas. We care about your home’s safety, so homeowners can rest assured of 100% customer satisfaction.

Replacing an Electric Panel

It’s paramount to repair or replace an electric panel when it malfunctions. Homeowners require the services of a certified and experienced electrician to inspect and diagnose a faulty electric panel. The team at Mission Electric can inspect the electrical system and determine the cause of a faulty electric pane. We usually recommend Electrical panel replacement if we notice that it will save money on frequent repairs and electricity bills and increase energy efficiency.

Signs You Need Panel Replacement

Electric panels often last for about two to three decades. If your home is more than 25 years old, contact our experienced electricians at Mission Electric for a replacement. The following are some of the signs indicating the need for a panel replacement:

Electrical Shocks

Mild shocks and tingling are signs of a faulty electric panel. They could indicate defective wiring or improperly installed panels. Therefore, you risk electric leakage when touching an electrical outlet or switch. It’s best to hire an electrician for professional replacement services.

A Burning Smell

A burning or burnt smell in and around an electric panel is a warning sign of an underlying problem. A failed electric breaker panel can cause electrical fires. If you notice a plastic or wood-burning smell, it could be time to replace the electric panel.

The Breakers Don’t Reset

Resetting a tripped circuit breaker can solve the problem. However, the panel could be faulty if it doesn’t restore power to the application or it fails to reset long enough to resume activities in your home. Mission electric can inspect the electric panel and provide a proper solution if the issue persists or escalates.

Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

Circuit breakers trip and turn off the electricity supply to protect your home and circuits from too much power. However, they are not designed to trip often. It means that the panel doesn’t have enough electrical flow, so it keeps on tripping. Therefore, frequent breaker tripping indicates the need to upgrade the electric panel.

Old Fuse Box

Homeowners residing in homes with a modern electrical system but still use a fuse box should consider an immediate replacement. The old fuse boxes are not as safe as modern electric panels containing several circuit breakers. Consult with a certified electrician to replace the fuse box with a modern electric panel that can trip when there’s an electrical overload.

Panel Feels Warm or Hot

Electric panels regulate how hot an electricity system becomes. Overheating triggers a circuit breaker trip to protect the house from an electrical fire. A warm or hot electric panel indicates a serious issue that necessitates a replacement. You can call our electricians for electric panel replacement services in Tulsa, OK.

Benefits of Replacing Electrical Panels

If your electric panel indicates any of these signs, you could benefit significantly from our replacement services. While electric panels are often out of sight, and most homeowners forget about them, several problems could originate there. The benefits of using our professional electrical panel replacement services are many, including:

    • Greater convenience
    • Increased home safety
    • More consistent power
    • Additional circuits during the upgrade

Rely on the Pros

Mission Electric has been serving Tulsa residents for several years, equipping them with the skills to handle all electrical jobs, regardless of their complexity. Are you looking for an experienced and dependable electrical team in Tulsa? Look no further than Mission Electric. We promise to keep your home safe from fires and provide outstanding customer service. Call us today to learn more about electric panels and to schedule an appointment with our dedicated team.