Electrical Safety Inspections in Tulsa, OK

Every electrician strives to install new wiring, fixtures, and switches correctly. Over time, though, problems can arise even if the installation was performed correctly. Circuits can get overloaded, old wiring can wear out, and even minor mistakes made during repairs can increase the chances of electrical fires.

The best solution isn’t to wait until something goes catastrophically wrong. It’s to call an electrician who specializes in Electrical safety inspections in Tulsa, OK to make sure every component of the home’s electrical system is functioning safely and efficiently.

What Is an Electrical Safety Inspection?

Residential Electrical Safety Inspections serve a very important purpose. They give qualified electricians the chance to examine the entire home’s electrical system to ensure that each component, from wiring to appliances, meets the National Electrical Code safety standards. Following the inspection, the electrician will provide his or her client with a detailed checklist of recommended improvements, potential upgrades, and essential safety issues that need immediate resolution.

What’s Involved?

The expert electricians at Mission Electric employ a systematic approach to performing safety inspections. They’re also familiar with all the most common problem areas in home electrical systems, which makes it easier to identify potential safety issues quickly and efficiently. During the inspection, they will check:

    • Service panels
    • Grounding systems
    • GFCI and AFCI functionality
    • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector placement and functionality
    • Appliance safety
    • Wiring and connections
    • Light bulb wattage
    • Switch and outlet condition
    • Surge protection
    • Outdoor electrical systems
    • And more

If anything is amiss, the electrician will let the homeowner know and help his or her client come up with a plan for repairing the damage. Remember, if the inspection turns up potential fire or electrocution hazards, they must be resolved as quickly as possible.

When to Schedule Safety Inspections

Cautious homeowners often schedule safety inspections for their electrical systems every year just to make sure everything is operating as intended. Technically, though, that’s not strictly necessary. There are only four times when home electrical inspections are essential:

  • Before purchasing a home
  • When a new home reaches approximately 40 years of age
  • When the family adds new appliances
  • Before and after major home renovations

Homeowners can also call to schedule electrical inspections if they believe one or more components of their homes’ systems aren’t functioning at maximum efficiency. Most electricians will also inspect the home’s wiring and fixtures before performing repairs.

The Benefits of Regular Electrical Inspections

The most obvious general benefit of scheduling regular electrical inspections is that it will help to reduce the risk of fires and electrocutions, keeping homeowners and their families safe and offering them peace of mind. Added peace of mind isn’t the only benefit of scheduling regular inspections, though. Others include:

Cost Savings

When wires become exposed or frayed due to wear and tear or another issue arises within the home’s electrical system, it can endanger electronics and appliances. Checking the circuits, wiring, and connections periodically to ensure that everything is in order is a great way to protect these expensive devices.

Improved Efficiency

Keeping electrical problems at bay can also save homeowners money on their monthly bills. If there’s a fault in the electrical system, any electronics or other devices plugged into the outlets could be functioning at sub-optimal efficiency. Resolving the problem will allow them to perform better so they don’t draw excess power. It can also increase the expected lifespan of electronic devices.

Minimize Malfunctions

There are few things more frustrating than constantly tripped circuit breakers or electronic devices that just seem to keep malfunctioning for no apparent reason. A comprehensive electrical inspection will allow homeowners to determine the underlying causes of these and other annoying problems so they can resolve them. If the problem is simple and straightforward, the inspecting electrician may even be able to provide repair services on the same day. Otherwise, expect to schedule another appointment for repairs.

Avoid Code Violations

Most homeowners aren’t intimately familiar with electrical codes. Electricians, on the other hand, know just what to look for to ensure not just their clients’ safety, but also code compliance. Working with a local contractor like Mission Electric is always the best bet since these expert electricians are also familiar with regional and local electrical regulations.

Trust Mission Electric

When it’s time for a safety inspection, homeowners need to find Electrician services in Tulsa, OK they can trust. Mission Electric provides not just professional electrical inspections, repairs, and installations, but also industry-leading customer service. Call the home electrical safety experts at (918) 407-1333 or schedule an appointment online today.