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People die every year in our country due to fumes from fire and deadly carbon monoxide. These deaths could’ve been prevented. But they happened because smoke and carbon monoxide detectors failed to work. These devices were simply neglected or not tested or inspected until there was an emergency. Don’t lose your life and your loved ones because of a faulty smoke detector! Call MISSION ELECTRIC for a smoke detector inspection now on 918-407-1333 or schedule your inspection online today.

Carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors can only save lives when they are professionally installed and maintained. Don’t compromise because these devices could be a vital life-saver someday. You need to have them installed at the proper place in your home or office by a professional electrical contractor.

A licensed Tulsa electrician from MISSION ELECTRIC will help you to choose the best place to install your device. The smoke detector will also be placed at a good location for maximum safety. Each home should have more than one detector.  We can tell you the number of detectors you need and show you how to test them regularly.

Repair, Replace, Install Smoke Detectors in Tulsa

Smoke detectors are affordable, and they are quite easy to maintain. But you need a professional to choose the most suitable and reliable detector for your home. Our professional electricians will help you to install your smoke detector, so it receives constant power from your electrical system. This allows you to have a system that will not depend on batteries that may run down and fail during an emergency.

Working with one of our licensed electricians makes it easy to locate the best place for your smoke detector. We also provide regular inspection and assessments to monitor the device and tell you when it needs to be changed.

Normally, you will need to choose between the any of the two main types of smoke detectors:

  1. The ionization smoke detector
  2. The photoelectric smoke detector

We will help you choose the most suitable smoke detector that will trigger an alarm when it detects fire or smoke in your home or office. Then one of our professional smoke detector installers will safely install it in your home.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation, Repairs, and Replacement

If you use natural gas, you must have a detector for carbon monoxide installed. Some equipment like furnaces also give off carbon monoxide fumes while working. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas because its colorless and odorless. It can kill you before you realize that you have inhaled a lot of it. That’s why you need a reliable detector for this gas.

You should always look out for these warning signs of excessive carbon monoxide exposure:

* Sudden fatigue

* Dizziness

* Mental confusion

* Chest pain

* Vomiting

* Sudden headaches

If you observe any of these signs, please leave your home at once and call 911. After you have been tested and certified healthy by medical professionals, contact MISSION ELECTRIC at 918-407-1333 or schedule a home inspection online immediately.

When your CO detectors are installed at the right location, you can save your life and protect your loved ones. Contact our professional installers to know the most effective place to put your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors.

Maintaining your Detectors over the Years

Your detectors must be in top working condition to protect you in an  emergency. Have them checked by a professional and replace old batteries every year. Test them every month and call us immediately you notice a fault.

If the smoke or carbon monoxide detector keeps making a beep, replace it at once. You must have functional detector to receive an early warning when there’s danger posed by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Smoke Detector Service Company in Tulsa, OK

Your health and safety is important to us. We love to help our clients live happy, safe and comfortable lives. That’s why we offer the most reliable smoke and carbon monoxide detector installation service in Tulsa.

Find a reliable smoke detector installation and repair service near you. But if reside in Tulsa, contact MISSION ELECTRIC so you can protect your entire home from smoke or CO poisoning.  We are the preferred Tulsa smoke detector installation company and you can reach us now for smoke detector installation or repair services. Our highly skilled electricians are ready to provide all the services you need.

Don’t allow your home to be among those consumed by fire. Protect yourself and loved ones from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning. Call MISSION ELECTRIC at 918-407-1333 to inspect your home and install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

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