Standby Backup Generator Installation Services

A power outage can happen when you don’t expect it. When it occurs, will you need a ready alternative. The smart choice is to have a backup generator installed for your home or business. In business, it gives you the security, comfort and peace of mind that you will not to disappoint your customers due to power failure. To install a standby or backup generator at home or for your business, call MISSION ELECTRIC at 918-407-1333 or schedule a time for your generator installation online.

Whether you need a generator to keep your lights on and preserve your food at home or you want a generator with massive industrial power, we have you covered. Any time your main power supply fails, your backup generator will keep the air conditioners working and keep the refrigerator cool.

Excessive heat, discomfort and dehydration will never occur again due to a power outage. Also, a standby generator could be a life saver. After we install it for you, it will provide the comfort, safety and protection for your family members at home or your coworkers throughout the year.

Professional Backup Generator Installation

We can help you to choose the most suitable standby generator for your business or your home. Our professional electrician will come and assess the power rating for each appliance you want to use during a power outage. Then we’ll pick the best generator with the appropriate capacity.

After we install your backup generator, your electrical system will switch to backup mode instantly when there’s a power outage. This will protect your precious appliances and keep you safe and comfortable.

Residential Backup Generator Installations

Let your family members enjoy safety, security and comfort even when there’s public power failure. You can have electricity supply at home 24/7 without any interruptions. Contact us at MISSION ELECTRIC to schedule your home’s emergency generator installation needs assessment.

Commercial Standby Generator Installations

If there’s an unexpected power outage, your vital equipment and systems must not stop working. You have to keep business going and meet your customers’ needs.

That’s why you need a backup generator for your business. It helps you avoid downtimes and it improves your efficiency and productivity. A standby generator keeps all your essential equipment up and running with a stable source of electricity. To enjoy smoother business operations, contact MISSION ELECTRIC for installation of commercial standby generators.

The TULSA Backup Generator Service You Need

We make it easy for you to buy and install a reliable standby generator. We provide a generator selection service, tailored to meet your unique needs. Then we make sure it is connected properly for safe and efficient operation. We install all types and sizes of generators for homes and businesses in Tulsa.

After installation, we will help you to keep the generator running. We offer excellent after-sales service for all the generators we install. Our maintenance service helps you to extend the lifespan of your generator, giving you steady power supply for years to come.

Don’t be caught napping after an outage or natural disaster. Be prepared. With MISSION ELECTRIC generator installation and maintenance services, you don’t have to panic anymore. Your backup generator will provide steady power all the time. Call MISSION ELECTRIC today at 918-407-1333 for fast, professional generator installation services in Tulsa, OK.

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