Electric Panel Replacement

Your electrical panel distributes electricity throughout your home or office. It’s so important that you can’t afford to have a faulty electrical panel in your home. That’s why prompt electrical panel replacement is essential for many homes and businesses in Tulsa.

If your electric panel is not functioning well, don’t patch it up and keep using it. Get it replaced as soon as possible. Prompt replacement will save the life of your family or coworkers. You don’t want to endanger the life your loved ones or coworkers by taking risks with a faulty electric panel. Call MISSION ELECTRIC today at 918-407-1333 or make a request online for an electrician to be scheduled for you today.

Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs an Upgrade

1. Your Home Uses Fuses Rather than Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers and fuses can help to prevent overloading of your electrical system. But fuses are outdated and old school. They just don’t cut it when it comes to keeping the home safe with modern home appliances.

Also, when a fuse gets burnt, you’ve got to replace it immediately or you stay without power in that part of your building. Now, some home insurers will not even provide coverage for a home with outdated fuses.

So why do you have to replace fuse-based panels with circuit breakers? These devices make life more comfortable for you. If they trip off, no worries. You simply have to reset them and you are good to go.

Circuit breakers are also safer and they respond faster than fuses. So they provide better protection for your home from fire. If you need more info about circuit breakers and fuses, call a qualified electrician at MISSION ELECTRIC for detailed professional advice. We will tell you all you need to know about electrical panels and how to replace your old fuse-based breaker boxes.

2. Using Many Extension Cords and Power Strips

If you use many extension cords and power strip sockets, you electrical system is at risk. You can easily overload it and cause a fire. Instead of messing around with power strips, install a new electrical panel and additional power outlets. Upgrading your electric panel will help you to ensure that all circuits and power outlets receive sufficient power.  We also provide a GFCI outlet installation service that can help you to have safe additional outlets.

3. Installation of New Appliances

If you plan to install any new large appliance, check that your electric panel can handle the extra load. This means before you buy your new refrigerator, washing machine, clothes dryer, dish washer or air conditioner, call an electrician to check your system. At MISSION ELECTRIC, our licensed technicians will do a thorough check up on your panel and other parts of your panel before installing new equipment.

4. Faulty Wiring

Many fires have occured in the U.S. because of faulty home wiring. You don’t want your home to be part of the negative statistics. Be proactive and take steps to prevent electrical fires in your home or office. So if you see any of these signs, call us immediately:

* Charred, burnt or discolored power outlets

* Sparks when plugging in an appliance

* Electric shock while touching an appliance

* Flickering lights

Experience Peace and Safety at Home

At MISSION ELECTRIC, we are deeply concerned about your safety, peace and comfort. That’s why we want you to help you inspect and replace your outdated electrical panel. Installing a new and reliable electrical panel could be a life-saver.

Our licensed electricians are always ready to help you. Call us now at 918-407-1333 or schedule your appointment online to upgrade your electric panel and start living in a safe home and office.

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