Whole-House Surge Protection

Installed by Licensed Electricians to Protect Your Home Equipment and Electronics

Installing whole-house surge protection may be your greatest money saving decision. Why? Many home insurance policies don’t cover damages caused by power surges. Also, to keep your warranty on your electrical appliances, you need a surge protector. You don’t want to pay thousands of dollars in cash as out-of-pocket expenses just to repair your home because of a power surge.

Now, if you don’t have a complete home power surge protector, what should you do? Call us at MISSION ELECTRIC now for a free consultation. We are licensed electrical contractors in Tulsa and we can help you to install the best surge protector for your entire building. Call us at 918-407-1333 or schedule your appointment online now.

Protect Your Home in Tulsa from Lightning Strikes and Power Surges

Don’t allow your home to be part of the properties damaged by power surges and lightning strikes every year. A power surge can happen due to an overloaded circuit. If you have HVAC equipment, high wattage appliances like washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, you must protect your home against power surge. Also, surges can reduce the efficiency of your appliances and electronics, shortening their useful life. That’s why we recommend whole-house surge protection to all residential and commercial building owners in Tulsa.

How a Surge Protector Works

A whole-house surge protector will not allow excess electricity to come into your home and destroy your equipment or building. It allows just the right amount of voltage to come through and passes the rest into the earth.

Without a reliable surge protector, when there’s a large spike in electricity from lighting, your breaker box could get overloaded. Then a fire can start and spread through the wires to every part of your home.

Installing a whole-house surge protecting device is a not a simple task. You should only allow a licensed electrical contractor to do it for you. So, to protect your home from electrical surge or from deadly lighting strikes, call a professional electrician. We offer reliable surge protection installation services throughout Tulsa. Call MISSION ELECTRIC at 918-407-1333 or arrange for your surge protector installation online today.

Installation of Whole House Surge Protectors by Qualified Electricians in Tulsa

You can ensure effective surge protection in your home in three ways:

  1. By an externally mounted protection
  2. By an internally mounted surge circuit breaker
  3. By an integral surge load center

Each of these options can only be installed by a licensed electrical contractor. For more info on these options and for details on how to protect your home from electrical power surge and lightning strikes, call MISSION ELECTRIC at 918-407-1333.

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